Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Fall Day in the Park

The last day of October, or Halloween as some celebrate it, was a cloudless sunny day.  Having to catch up on some work, I headed in to town on the Red Line, deciding to get off at Charles to walk down the namesake street and through Boston's Public Garden.  

Any day or season, the Public Garden is most photogenic, with many vistas contrasting the urban fabric with the horticultural variety that is this park.  The Garden marks the transition from glacially-deposited drumlin called Beacon Hill to the filled land we call the Back Bay.  The park and the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, which share the same east-west axis of symmetry, reflect European urban design in contrast to the rather random layout of that part of Boston built on solid land.

The park is centered on a main lagoon, crossed by a decorative pedestrian bridge.  Spring through early fall, the famous swan boats take tourists on a lap around the lagoon, often followed by a small armada of ducks, hopeful for tasty tidbits tossed their way by children and even adults.

Today's walk through the park made the going to work on Saturday a not-so-bad experience.

A view of a lawn in the Public Garden

A view of the Hancock Tower and the Taj behind the park and lagoon

The spire of the original Hancock Tower and its new sister are reflected in the lagoon

A view down Newbury Street, and the spire of the Church of the Covenant
Color along the banks of the lagoon
A cloudless bright blue sky reflected in the lagoon.