Saturday, October 26, 2013

Views of a Muted Autumn

Perhaps it's been a bit dry, or it was too wet, or the temperatures too warm.  I'm not sure, but the colors have been fairly muted this fall.  

Often we witness truly brilliant colors.  We have the bright oranges and reds of the sugar maples, the brilliant yellows of the honey locusts, birch and flowering pears.  Each tree's timing is a little different, creating a magnificent backdrop of color. 

In past years, the colors were simply more brilliant.  Here are some examples from my blog posts:  Boston's Public Garden in 2009,  Mt. Auburn Cemetery, also in 2009, or this slideshow of fall views around my fair city of Cambridge.

In contrast, here's a few views of fall 2013 in Boston and vicinity.

Early in the season, muted red browns along the Charles River

Some colors mix with greens and bare branches along a busy street in Cambridge.
Going way out to the 'burbs, one can find colorful stands of trees, like these in Methuen.

Nice work by the architect to coordinate the exterior color with the fall hues of the street trees.
Returning to the 'burbs, brilliant oranges of the maples mix with the greens and yellows in Wellesley.
Stand of paper birch near a playground in Cambridge.