Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Hope of Spring

This has been a particularly brutal winter.  Not so much was it the greater than normal snowfall, but the bitter, bitter cold that numbed the hands, even with gloves on.  It was both discouraging and certainly depressing.

So, with March comes the mini-season of "Hope of Spring."  Sometimes we see something budding, such as the first signs of our jonquils budding in the front planter, which gets the afternoon sun.

The first hope for spring in the garden:  the jonquils are budding!
Later on a walk to Harvard Square to get a few gifts for the little girl I babysit (Naomi), I ran into a couple staring at the snow drops emerging from the dirt and leaf litter, just off the brick sidewalk.

Left:  tiny snow drops emerge from the cold ground on a sunny March afternoon.
Right:  crocuses emerge from the leaf litter in a Cambridge garden.
It's March and the March flowers (jonquils) are slowly reaching up for the sunshine.
Almost there:  the jonquils just need one warm sunny day to convince them to open their yellow flower and smile as the sun.  Yes, the Hope of Spring has come!