Saturday, December 1, 2012

A View Seldom Seen

Cities like Boston have been around for centuries.  While the urban vistas evolve over time, with new buildings replacing the old.  But, all in all, the view corridors tend to stay the same over time.

But, once in a rare while, a new view corridor opens up, if only for a short while.

This view down St. Cecilia Street in the Back Bay section of Boston was only available for a few months early in 2012.  In the foreground, Berklee College of Music is constructing a new mixed use tower.  With the older buildings demolished and construction focused "in the hole" on the new foundations, there is no obstruction blocking this view from Massachusetts Avenue.  Months later, workers were erecting the steel frame of the new tower and the view was gone.

The tower on the right is St. Cecilia Church, one of the largest in the Back Bay.  St. Cecilia's is Catholic and, when built, it served the maids who worked for the wealthy Brahmans of Back Bay, who worshiped at churches prominently located on the main thoroughfares.  But for a few months, St. Cecilia's is in clear view of all traveling along Massachusetts Avenue, the arterial separating the Back Bay from the Fenway neighborhood.