Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Tinging

The first signs of fall are spotting the tinging of the leaves.  Sometimes, on spots the first change of color as early as the last week of August.  And we are a little sad, for summer is ending.

Not only do we have 4 seasons in the Northeast, but we have at least a dozen or more microseasons.  These are the transitions between one official season and another.  I would divide Autumn into three microseasons:
  1. The Tinging (the first subtle shift in hue)
  2. The Glory (brilliant foliage)
  3. The Barren Times (the bare trees before the first snow)

During the Tinging, a subtle shift of hue can be detected.  Here the sycamores near Harvard University in Cambridge have shifted a bit to the yellow side of their summer green.

The tinging may be little patches of color in and around the green, near MIT in Cambridge.

These sugar maples are early changers.  Nothing subtle about their colors!

Muted color along the Charles River in Cambridge.  Cloudless blue skies!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Crystal Cove Harbor in Winthrop at Sunset

Last evening we had the opening public meeting to discuss the design of a harbor walk near Crystal Cove (part of Boston Harbor) in Winthrop, Massachusetts.  The walk would link the public landing with a spit of land we call "the trestle" where trains of the Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad once ran.

The meeting was held at the new ferry terminal building at the town landing.  We arrived just before sunset, which was quite spectacular off the water.  I was moved to take a few photos before we had to go in and set up for the meeting.
Main Pier at Town Landing.  The ferry to Boston docks here.

Looking to the causeway behind Yirrell Beach, the spit of land connecting Shirley Point and Cottage Hill.
Boats docked in Crystal Cove

Looking south to Shirley Point

Cottage Hill is the backdrop to the parking lot at the town landing.