Monday, April 12, 2010

A Brief Return to New York City

New York City is, for me, the ultimate urban vista. The intensity of development and activity in Manhattan is virtually unmatched. Also, having been born in "the city" as we call it, some details just say NYC to me, even if the rest of the view could be in any of a dozen major cities around the globe.

Last Saturday, I made a brief return to my hometown for a family gathering. Maybe someday, I can return for a longer stay and enjoy seeing again the iconic urban fabric that is Manhattan.

Above left: The sun has just set over the Hudson River, and behind some of the "average" towers of the west side of midtown.

Below: A rooftop view from the outdoors portion of a penthouse lounge, a mere 15 stories up. In most of the world, 15 stories (180 feet or 60 meters) would be fairly tall. But, in Manhattan, it's nothing!

Below: Zooming in to a classic rooftop water tank, a detail very typically New York.

Below: Murals can be found throughout the city, particularly on industrial buildings, such as this sign factory.

Below: a rooftop view from only 15 stories high is diminished in the canyon of taller towers. The red lights are on Broadway, heading for Times Square.